Sep 26, 2010

Recover your Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Flash, SQL server etc problems

Recovery ToolBox .

Recovery Toolbox for Address Book

Tool for a recovering contacts from Windows Address Book where stored the contacts data of Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. Recover data deleted from Address Book. Allow to view the history of changes in Windows Address Book.

Recovery Toolbox for Flash

Tool for a recovering deleted files from removable devices with FAT system (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32). Recover deleted photo, images, video and etc.

Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server

Software tool for a repairing damaged Microsoft SQL Server database files (MDF files). Recover corrupted databases of MS SQl Server 7.0/2000/2005/2005 (64-bit).

Recovery Toolbox for Access

Software tool for a repairing damaged Microsoft Access database files (MDB, ACCDB files).

Recovery Toolbox for DBF

A complete recovery solution for DBF databases: fast, efficient and affordable

Recovery Toolbox for PDF

Fast, reliable and affordable PDF recovery tool intended for all types of users

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator

A perfect tool for anyone seeking a reliable method of recovering damaged Illustrator files. Takes seconds to download the software and minutes to get familiar with. No matter what happens, it will be there to help save the fruits of your creativity!

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop will restore the most complex PSD files. No matter what happened, you will only need minutes to be back on track again! The software is based on the concept of multi-page wizard that facilitates the use of the program.

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server is a compact, yet powerful recovery tool for restoring data from damaged or corrupted data files of Exchange Server 2003/2007. Recovers Exchange Server data - contacts, messages, tasks, etc - into Outlook PST files.

Recovery Toolbox for Project

Recovery Toolbox for Project is a perfect solution for quick and efficient recovery of data from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Project (*.mpp) files. Fast and extremely easy to use, it will give you everything you need in a single package!

Recovery Toolbox for Registry

Recovery Toolbox for Registry is an affordable, compact and highly efficient recovery tool for Windows registry files. If your registry has been damaged and you must get back to work as soon as possible, this software will be just what you need!

Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint

Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint is an effective and user friendly tool designed for recovery of corrupted PowerPoint presentations. It will help you to quickly recover the data from the corrupted or unreadable .ppt and .pptx presentations.

Recovery Toolbox for OneNote

Recovery Toolbox for OneNote is a compact and straightforward tool that enables you to quickly restore data from damaged MS OneNote files. Even if you are not a data recovery guru, it will help you solve your data corruption problems in no time!

Recovery Toolbox for MySQL

Recovery Toolbox for MySQL - a powerful, fast and efficient, yet incredibly easy to use recovery tool that will enable you to restore data even from badly damaged MySQL databases in minutes – even if you have absolutely no prior recovery experience.

Recovery Toolbox for DWG

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is intended for anyone looking for a reliable remedy for the consequences of DWG file corruption. The recovery process consists of a chain of simple steps - from file selection to export of recovered data into AutoCAD.

Recovery Toolbox for CD Free

Tool for a recovering files from a damaged CD, DVD, HD, Blu-Ray disks.