Jun 14, 2011

Download Virus-fighting utilities

For your convenience in this section we gathered all virus-fighting utilities developed by Kaspersky Lab and the recommendations how to use them. If you failed to find the necessary information or you find these recommendations too complicated or inadequate.


How to fight network worm: Net-Worm.Win32.kido

How to fight network worm Net-Worm.Win32.Kido

Methods of disinfection.

Regardless of the selected disinfection method, it is obligatory that the patch from Microsoft, that covers the vulnerability MS08-067, is installed. More information via the link: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS08-067.mspx

A special utility should be used to remove this worm. Utility can be run locally on the infected PC, or remotely with the help of Kaspersky Administration Kit.

* To remove the virus locally:

1. Download the archive with the utility (klwk.zip) and extract the contents into a folder on the infected PC.

2. Run file run_klwk.bat

3. Wait till the scanning is complete.

* To remove the virus via Administration Kit:

1. Download the archive with the utility klwk.zip and extract contents into a folder.

2. In Administration Kit console create installation package for application klwk.com. In the installation package settings indicate command line parameters:

/path %WINDIR%\system32

3. Create a task for remote installation of the package to designated computers and run the task.

After the scanning is complete a window with the scan results will stay open, and it will be closed if any key is pressed.

To close this window automatically you can run the utility KLWK with additional parameter /y

/y /path %WINDIR%\system32


Jun 6, 2011

CCNA Academic Class Labs Semester One

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 focuses on providing the skills and knowledge necessary to implement and support a small switched and routed network. For the purpose of this course, a small network is defined as 1 to 20 hosts connected to a single switch, with the switch running a single VLAN (VLAN1). The switch is also connected to a router providing a routed link (Routing Information Protocol [RIP] and default) to a simulated Internet and corporate office. Bellows are Labs configuration topics:-
  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Building a Simple Network
  • Module 2: Ethernet LANs
  • Module 3: WLANs
  • Module 4: LAN Connections
  • Module 5: WAN Connections
  • Module 6: Network Environment Management Capstone Lab: Network Environment Management Lab Guide

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