Nov 28, 2010

Bangla to English & English to Bangla Dictionary

Unlike many others dictionary so far developed in linguistic field, Systech Digital Dictionary is exceptionally enriched with more than 60,000 Bengali and 25,000 English words. With the help of this software the user can easily learn English meaning of any Bengali word as we are continuously adding words to the vocabulary features of the software. The user can download desired word meaning from the update version . The English meaning of any Bengali word used in any software format can be figured out as this dictionary contains both Interactive and Live Help options. Moreover, the users can add any technical word in the word treasure space of this dictionary according to their demand type. Hopefully, this will contribute a lot to meet up the user's need.

Free Network Monitoring Tools for Your Network

On this web page we provide free network monitoring tools from our labs. The set of free network tools includes "top sellers" as PRTG Network Monitor, as well as small but useful helpers for your daily work. We also use these network monitoring tools to manage our own network and to diagnose and test our software products. All these programs are provided for free.

PRTG Network Monitor

SNMP/MIB Related Tools

Network Card Related Tools

NetFlow and WMI Related Tools

HTTP Web Server Related Tools

More tools

Free Fonts Download

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