Dec 7, 2009

Hidden Desktop 1.1.189

Hidden Desktop (H-Desk) at user's service. Protect your view.
How many times you are surfing the Internet and somebody unwanted (your boss, wife, children, curious work colleague?!?) suddenly captured your desktop view before you have enough time to close your applications with sensitive data. Not to mention that you maybe lost some important data because you forgot to save your work in rush to close those applications.

With Hidden Desktop you can hide all private applications and documents in a bit of second just pushing key on your computer's keyboard. And not just hide. They will magically disappear form taskbar and sys-tray as they have never been there.

Once when danger past and your view is clear you can restore your applications without any loss and continue to work. Like you’ve never been interrupted. Again just push hot-key on your keyboard. Moreover, you can even set password protection. If somebody knows about Hidden Desktop Software you can set up password by just entering it at the beginning of session and when you try to restore applications you will be asked to enter it again. If someone input wrong password nothing will happen and he/she will think there is nothing hidden. If you don't need this feature leave password field blank.

#Hidden Desktop supports all versions of Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP operating systems with no exceptions.

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