Apr 10, 2010

Windows Server AppFabric

Common Scenarios for Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric has three core capabilities: caching, workflow management and service management.
1. For Web applications, Windows Server AppFabric provides caching capabilities to provide high-speed access, scale, and high availability to application data thereby avoiding unnecessary calls to the data source.
2. For composite applications, Windows Server AppFabric makes it easier to build and manage services built using Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation.
3. In general, customers who have applications composed of services, web, data, and legacy components will find that Windows Server AppFabric makes it simpler to develop, deploy, and manage these composite applications.

Windows Server AppFabric would be especially valuable to:

1. Corporate developers who create service oriented middle tier applications using .NET;
2. Web Developers who want to build high performance applications leveraging web programming techniques (e.g. ASP.NET, RESTful services, etc)
3. ISV developers who build commercial composite applications using Windows Server and .NET; and
4. IT professionals who deploy and manage these applications.

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